Our company story begins...

with a house on top of a hill where all kinds of insane ideas were born. With Austin's legal knowledge and experience of being in a wheelchair since 2007, the most important idea to come out of his home on 1050 Miller Ave was to help create amazing live event experiences for people with any ability - and thus, Ten Fifty Entertainment was born. Today, Ten Fifty is the leading provider of accessibility and guest services programs for event producers across the country. We fuel our operations with passion, dedication, and the desire to help create transcending experiences for everyone, regardless of their ability.

Austin Whitney

Head Honcho

Oren Shani


Opulent Operator

Karen Van der Poel
Ashley Ecks

Commander of Communications

Lindsay Johns

Curator of Quests

Brittany Monjes

ADA Compliance Coordinator

Lizzy Nunez

ADA Compliance Coordinator

Clancy Hurst

ADA Compliance Coordinator

Mike Simpson

ADA Compliance Coordinator

Greg Garrison

ADA Compliance Coordinator

Travis Zebe

ADA Compliance Coordinator

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