"In my opinion, these guys are the best in the game."

-Coachella Festival Director,


Ten Fifty Entertainment is the leading provider of Accessibility and Guest Services operations throughout the nation. With a legion of festival-forged professionals, we ensure live events create unforgettable experiences.


Our team has the same passions as your guests and it shows. By combining effective techniques and years of event experience, Ten Fifty Entertainment is a turn-key solution for all customer-facing operations at festivals, corporate/private events, conventions, trade shows and other types of events. We provide:

  • Accessibility/ADA Compliance Programs

  • Information and Lost & Found

  • Ticketing and RFID Resolutions

  • Staff Procurement and Management

  • Volunteer Management

  • Staff Services

  • Environmental Initiatives



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   Accessibility & ADA


Everyone has the right to have awesome experiences and we take a hands-on and creative approach to ensure this happens. Legal compliance is only the beginning. Ten Fifty strives to ensure your event is welcoming to people of all abilities, and have done so for some of the largest names in the live music and entertainment industry. We know the laws, we know the needs, and we know how to party.  


Our services include:
  • Full Compliance with 2010 Standards for Accessible Design (2016) for Title III Accommodations

  • ADA Guest Information and Correspondence

  • Effective Communication (i.e. ASL, Hearing Loops)

  • Accessible Viewing Areas

  • Ingress/Egress

  • Perimeter Transportation

  • Activations, Initiatives and Amenities

Human interaction is the core of our work, and our pride in customer service is what sets us apart. When guests arrive at the venue for the first time, we make sure their first impression goes beyond expectations.

We handle:
  • Information Booths and Kiosks

  • Lost & Found

  • Onsite Prize Fulfillment

  • Recycling Initiatives

  • Mobile Activation Management

Info/Lost & Found

RFID & Ticketing Resolution

Having a scalable and efficient ticketing system is the key to running a successful and profitable event, but it's not just the technology that's needed. We work with the major RFID companies to make sure there is an onsite team of trained and professional staff with knowledge of Ticketing and Access Control platforms to handle all RFID and ticketing-related situations that occur during events.


This includes:
  • RFID Replacements, Upgrades and Registrations

  • RFID Troubleshooting (i.e. Reverse Scans, Access Mods, Broken Chips)

  • Backend Coordination with RFID providers

  • Secure Cash Management, Drops and Inventory Management

  • Direct and constant communication with Box Office and Will Call

 Event Staffing

A live event is only as good as the quality of staff that supports it. Having professional staff with experience, training and communication skills is an integral aspect of the overall experience of an event. Ten Fifty provides the best staff the event industry has to offer.


Our staffing program includes:
  • Recruiting experienced and trained staff to fulfill open positions

  • Evaluating resumes, conducting interviews and skills assessments

  • Comprehensive training, orientation, and risk management protocols

  • Managing payroll, time sheets, and all other tax/legal paperwork

Volunteer Management


We assist event producers by ensuring their volunteer programs are run legally and efficiently. We set up registration for volunteers months in advance of a show and manage the program for the duration of the event. Whether it's a few dozen or hundreds of volunteers, we are your solution for running this program.​

Procurement & Distribution

Our experienced team can provide efficient and budget-friendly solutions to accommodate your event staff and artists with everything they need, including equipment, lodging accommodations and information. We make sure everyone is well-equipped to perform their duties while utilizing back-end processes that work well and keep costs down.

 Greening Initiatives


Go Green! There is a revolution underway in the industry, pushing everyone to be more environmentally conscious. Our team can help your event work on improving its environmental footprint and bring awareness to your guests.


Our company story begins... with Austin, Oren, Alex, and a house on top of a hill where all kinds of insane ideas were born. With Austin's experience of being in a wheelchair since 2007, the most important idea to come out of this home on 1050 Miller Ave, was to help create amazing live music experiences for people of all abilities. With Austin's legal knowledge from UC Berkeley School of Law, and being the avid festival goers that we are, this was a very important endeavor. Thus, Ten Fifty Entertainment was born. Today, Ten Fifty is the leading provider of accessibility and guest services for event producers across the country. We fuel our operations with passion, dedication, and the desire to help create transcending experiences for everyone, regardless of their ability. 

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